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T and M,

I have over 1,200 miles on my car so far this year and it's only May. That is more than I  would ever get in total some years.

I have finally been able to enjoy the car as I have wanted to since I bought it. It’s reliable, runs great and stays cool.

I could not do this without the time and effort you put into making sure the car was right when it was in your shop two years ago. For this I thank you. I do appreciate your talents and making sure things are done properly before they leave your shop.

Doug H.

I am an American overseas with NATO and in the country of Norway. In early 2007 I purchased a 1951 Ford F-1 Pickup that was supposed to have been “totally restored” via e-bay located in Nebraska. While driving the 51 to my daughters in Omaha, all of a sudden I had to jam on the brakes to avoid an accident. SUPPRISE the 51 spun around, back brake on drivers side froze up.

Knowing Ron Boecker, at Select Auto on Omaha for many years because of his private classic collection,  I contacted him at once to see who he could recommend to work on my 51 and also someone he trusted to do the work correctly.  His response was “I only know of one person I would recommend and trust to work on classic cars and that is Tim at T & M Automotive. Mind you he is not the cheapest alternative BUT WORTH THE MONEY. ”   

Ron contacted Tim and he said to bring it up at once even though I am swamped, we will give it a look over. Well to make a long story short I asked Tim to check out 51 and do a bumper to bumper inspection and he did.  Reason was that the import inspection in Norway and many other countries in Europe is a bear on cars. If they are not 100% safe to drive, they will not let them into the country.

Tim did the inspection and the required work to make it 100% safe.
I said to him no rush and work it in when you have time because it is going to be stored at my daughters till it is shipped overseas in early 2008. 

Tim did a fantastic job using quality replacement parts. He documented and took photos all of the defective parts and repairs along they way. FANTASTIC for my records of what was done on the car.

In my opinion it was a God send that I had the luck to meet Tim and also see his shop and some of his expert work. He is by far a specialty mechanic and knows Hot Rods and Classis cars inside an out. I think sometimes he dreams about them at night. 

Surprisingly his prices were VERY FAIR. I am positive that he uses the required time and not rushing to get your car out door in order to just get another in so he can make the BUCKS.  I am positive he spent more time on my 51 than I was billed for.

To end this long story I have gotten to know Tim over the past few years. When I need an expert to look over a classis or Hot Rod that I am interested purchasing, if it is not in the area, I send him via email photos and write up info and he does a fantastic job of pointing thing out things I had missed.  Being an old dog from the Classic car era one really appreciate Tim. He really knows his stuff when it comes to Hot Rods and Classic cars. And has become a long distance friend.


Donald Baliszewski (An American in Norway with NATO)
























The least glamorous, most neglected, always avoided and touchiest subject in a restoration is money.  Believe me, you better be as sure about the quality of the work as you are about the quality of the business relationship.  There are plenty of guys out there that can make a car look good and work well, but very few that can communicate what it is going to take to get it there.  Tim Pokorski is a master at both.  It is a rare and refreshing relationship that allows owners to realize their dream while at the same time understanding the reality of a budget.  We always knew where we were, we always knew where we wanted to go, Tim always navigated us to that end.  The car is perfect (which goes without saying).  But the journey's real proof of success is our continued friendship.
Alex W and Andrew B.






I had the Plymouth "supposedly" restored 5-6 years ago out of state.  Once delivered, there were many issues - noisy non-shifting transmission. major brake problems, hard starting, vibration during highway driving, and about 4 different fluid colors on my garage floor - red, brown, green and black. 

I found T & M's ad in the Eastern Nebraska Car Council Book and after talking with him, decided to have him correct the problems.   Although not every item got taken care of at once (which was my choice), overtime they all  got resolved.   He was the only mechanic in the midwest I could find who was willing to pull the transmission out, find parts for it, and completely rebuild it.  The carburetors required special spacers to alleviate heat problems (that he found) which cured the starting issue.   The brake design for that year was not good but the brake problem was resolved after a complete rebuilding. Also the heater did not work.  The inside heater box was originally a hard black cardboard, which overtime had pretty much fallen apart.  He rebuilt it w/fiberglass, which should last many years- probably longer than the original design.  I also had him rewire the engine bay and install backup lights. 

 In closing, how many people can park a 58 year old vehicle in their driveway overnight and not have an oil, power steering fluid, tranny fluid, differential, anti-freeze, etc. spot on their driveway.  No one I would say. The car is now safe, fun and reliable to drive . That was what I wanted.

Thanks to Tim, 

Clark S.
59 Plymouth













I have utilized Tim Pokorski @ T&M automotive on several occasions. Tim is one of the few professional shops in the area specializing in the reapir & restoration of Mopar Muscle cars, as well as others. A recent diagnostic by Tim of a malfunctioning brake system after a drum to disc conversiondone by another shop, discovered an incorrectly matched master cylinder kit provided by an aftermarket supplier. Tim refitted my Coronet with the correct Size bore, adjusted the vacuum pump & installed more aggressive pads. Voilla!

She stops on a dime now. Tim has an excellent staff, with training & oversight.

His shop is spotless. I tried others, & found that if you want it done right the first time, you bring it to Tim.

Walt G
66 Coronet
Omaha, Ne








I have known Tim and his business T&M Automotive for a long time, and he has worked on 3 of my last Hot Rods getting them to the way I wanted them to look and perform.
Always done right and no disappointments whatsoever, he is known around the area as someone who does things right the first time. Will always bring my cars to him for whatever needs to be done.
Duke H
48 Ford
Omaha, Ne




I have been dealing with T&M Automotive for about 5-years now.

I own 3-hobby cars that I like to drive and enjoy in my spare time. Since I am not a mechanic, I could not imagine taking my cars any where else and have them get the respect, care and individualized attention to detail they deserve."

Bob P.

67 Chevelle SS 396
76 Trans AM
63 Impala

T&M Automotive is, in my opinion, the best at what they do.  I say this because I've had work done by others, some good, some bad, but none reflected anywhere near the same level of perfection I experienced at T&M. Even though I now live 1,000 miles away, my next car will be transported to T&M for restoration.  I wouldn't trust anyone else.  Simply put, their "we can do that" attitude, their attention to detail, the way they "take it personally" whenever there's a problem with your car (even if they didn't do the work the first time) is unmatched.  They really are the best.  Need more proof of how much I trust and respect them?  Tim at T&M is the only person who has driven my car without me in it, and he can drive it again anytime he wants.  'Nuff said.

Jon P
1972 'Cuda 340
Madison, Alabama







Thanks for getting the car squared away.  I had to smile when I looked at how you treated the scuff on the chrome valve cover where the A/C compressor bracket hit...your little rubber sleeve was EXACTLY what I was thinking in terms of a solution.  You miss nothing--LOL--thanks!

{2nd email received a 9 months later}
Just went and picked up the Olds today...8 months in storage while I was overseas doing my Military thing.I disconnected the coil, got oil pressure up, connected the coil, set the choke, fired right up and ran beautifully. Man, I don't know what you did but the car is just running beautifully. Try doing that with a modern soul-less transportation appliance! AWESOME and thanks again!

Kurt B.
67 Olds Convertible








   I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know the car is running really well.  Between the exhaust and the throttle cable changes, the response and power is so much better.  Really impressive stuff and I appreciate the work you’ve done.  Very excited to be driving that car!

Thank you for the extra touches, the quality and workmanship.  I think that makes all the difference!

We’ll see you in a few months!

Scott A
69 Camaro

 Sorry I missed your call.  I was playing in the garage like I should be.  :-)  I didn't want to call you now during your personal time, so I thought I would send a quick email.

The car ran great all the way home.  Thanks for the new headlights - they sure came in handy tonight driving home.  It was a lot of fun driving it.  Brings back a lot of memories for me.  I can't wait to get my parents back in the car.  I'm sure it'll bring back a lot of memories for them too.
I sure wish I didn't have to get on a plane tomorrow.  I'd like to play and tinker with the car more.  But, we'll have time to do that next week.
Anyhow, it seems to be running awesome.  I appreciate you and the guys work on the car and I especially appreciate the attention to detail.  I'll start saving up so we can make another pass at it.
Chris L.
66 Impala

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