About T&M Automotive

What we do

We cater to owners of special interest vehicles that want someone who understands their needs and passion about their car. Because we only work on older vehicles you can rest assured that we are well versed on them. Therefore, you can expect the job to be done right the first time. Also, if there are different ways to accomplish a repair, we will explain the options and costs in a clear understandable manner.

At T & M we don't try to beat a flat rate schedule, QUALITY and doing it right the first time are our #1 priorities. It's not that we don't like repeat business, we don't like our customers to have heartburn on the side of the road, and be rest assured, if you do we'll be there to help.

Our History

I started this business on a part time basis in 1996. It began doubling in size every year due to our satisfied customers referring others. In 2001 due to the demand, the decision was made to go full time. We have since hired 2 experienced full time employees and are looking for a 3rd.

About our staff

I have been actively involved with anything that had wheels for over 50 years. During that time I spent 30 years working as an engineer in various High Technology companies doing what I like best, things that others say can't be done, and fixing problems.

The experience I gained allows us to approach problems with a different outlook than other shops. We do not throw parts at a problem, but rather diagnose it and get to the root cause. This approach is sometimes more time consuming but more cost effective in the long run. Do you have an issue that others couldn't fix? Bring it on, we love a challenge.

Steve, joined us in 2014. He was a recent top graduate of Wyotech. His desire was to learn about working on the older cars.  He was lacking a bit on the experience side with the older cars but has a VERY postive attitude. His other experiences (non automotive) and ATTITUDE turned out to be a good fit. 

His desire to learn, willingness to listen, and take direction has allowed him to transition into the shop very nicely. 2019 update: By the way, he is no longer lacking experience :)

Paul,  came on board in 2018. Having grown up around an auto repair facility his father owned he has demonstrated the required skill set needed and has become a contributing member of the team. 


Give us a call @ 402-572-0694

or email us at tandmautomotiveomaha@gmail.com   

NOTE: If we do not respond within 24 hours, check you junk folder or better yet call us.