Services Offered

Below are a small number of the services we can offer you. If you have a need, we can probably help.

Engine, Transmission and Differential rebuilding


327 Chevy Restored, Rebuilt, and Installed in customers vehicle. Now all it needs are the back ordered valve cover stickers and he'll be ready for another 100,000 miles.

Electrical repairs and complete rewires


Does the underside of your dash look like a mess of colored spaghetti?  Do you have electrical gremlins that appear out of nowhere and then go away? Give me a call, I can likely exorcise them.


Crate Motor Installation


Here's two of Chrysler's finest awaiting installation into customers vehicles. We can do it all: Linkages, Wiring, Mounts, Brackets, Transmission, Suspension etc. Whatever is required to make it seem like it came from the factory that way. Turn the key and go WORRY FREE, it's been done right.

Partial Restoration Services


Sometimes the budget doesn't allow for a frame up restoration and others it's not required. Here's an example of a Firewall Forward Restoration. See the Past Projects page for other examples.

We can do the whole car or parts of it at a time. Rest assured we'll try to advise you the most economical way to approach your project.

Custom Exhaust and Headers

services-exhaust2.JPG Custom exhaust work. Pictured is a mandrel bent, tig welded 3 inch SS system that looks like it should, IE: the L side is a mirror image of the R.  We do header modifications as well.  

Pre purchase inspections - In person or Online


Thinking about purchasing a collector car? I have saved hundreds of people from buying misreprsented vehciles over the years. Know what you're buying before you do. NEVER put a deposit on any car unless it is refundale in writing. I could write a book on the things I've seen. Some customers have had to put 20 to 40K into their purchase to make it safe and reliable. In over 95% of these cases, A pre puchase inspection would have exposed the issues before the money changed hands. My online consultation fees are 100.00 an hour for the first hour with a 1 hour minimum. The fee drops to 50.00 and hour after that with partial hours considered as a full hour. 
My goal in providing this service is to help people not get into situations without knowing the financial journey they are about get into buying a "project car", or buy a perfumed money pit.
I cannot offer guarantees without an onsite inspection performed at my location. BUT, I can guarantee you it will be money well spent. If you do not feel it was, we can discuss it and come to a mutual agreement.
I will close with saying, I have helped in excess of 500 individuals over the last 20+ years. 
The fees are is minimal compared the losses you may experience.

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